Germination Techniques Video

Guest Post by: Mister H. of Frugal Hydroponics After getting several germination questions I decided to create a quick video on some techniques and tips I have learned over time. It is important to point out that nature makes germination a simple process. A warming ground, increasing light, available moisture, and a medium to allow [...]

Spring Garden Planning: When to Start Seeds

Are you preparing for your Spring Garden?  Do you know when to start your seeds or is that why you’re here?  Its a common question/anticipation between gardeners everywhere.  When should I start my seeds? You can closely watch your weather forecasts and plan the frost dates of your zone, but it takes a lot of [...]

GUIDE: Build a Super Cheap Bubbleponic Cloner

Stronger Clones Start Here Bubbleponic cloning systems are an easy to build solution to weak and limpy clones.  The entire system will not cost you very much.  If you use neorepene discs, like the E-Z Clone uses,  you will have an efficient cloning system that uses no growth medium.  The aeroponic cloner you will have [...]

GUIDE:How to Successfully Take Plant Cuttings From a Mother Plant

The key to keeping mother plants small lies in taking strong cuttings.  Strong cuttings will root fast and grow into large plants of higher quality.  Weak clones are susceptible to disease and bug infestation.  Cloning is very rough on the mother and fresh cutting.  Avoid taking too many clones from one mother plant in one [...]

Homemade Humidity Dome

Humidity is an important factor in many plant propagation systems.  Some cloning systems come with humidity domes.  A humidity dome is a small imitation of a green house.  The humidity dome keeps the humidity high in the area it covers.  To keep your humidity dome working properly, spray fine mists on the walls of the [...]

7 Tips to Keep Your Mother Plants Healthy

Mother plants are essential for maintaining a continual propagation system.  A strong mother plant is the first step to taking perfect cuttings.  Weak cuttings turn into slow and sometimes weak plants.  A weak clone is very susceptible to pest and disease problems.  The plant is already under going immense stress and an unnoticed infestation can [...]

It Starts with Good Genetics

Have you ever started a batch of seeds and had a really top notch plant that just seemed better than the rest?  Have you ever been to a friend’s place and seen an interesting plant you would like to add to your collection?  It is actually relatively simple to do these things without going out [...]

Hydroponic Cloning Tips

If you have wilting clones there could be a number of issues with your hydroponic cloning method.  Make sure to have a thermometer to measure temperature and humidity accurately throughout the day.  You can find digital ones at a department stores or hydro shops that will tell you the current and high/low temps and humidity [...]

Humidity is an Overlooked Factor in Cloning Systems

From my experience and what I’ve been reading on hydroponic forums, people all around are having faster cloning rates using a humidity dome. Humidity domes come in many forms. A simple dome is a clear plastic structure with just a few holes for oxygen exchange. The structure sits so that it is covering all the [...]