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organic molasses as hydroponic nutrient

Molasses as a Nutrient

Sometimes it is best to look at a few pieces of old knowledge and some old school techniques to find some new ideas for enhancing your garden. I have recently come across some mentions of using molasses as a natural fertilizer in your garden and I wondered if it could be used with hydroponics. Let’s [...]

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Container Gardens

Container Gardening vs Hydroponics

What is Better for Your Indoor Garden? There are a few factors for you to consider when setting up your indoor garden.  You must first decide if you are going to be using soil or hydroponics.  If you are new to gardening, I suggest starting with soil until you learn the effects of your fertilizer [...]

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Germination Techniques Video

Guest Post by: Mister H. of Frugal Hydroponics After getting several germination questions I decided to create a quick video on some techniques and tips I have learned over time. It is important to point out that nature makes germination a simple process. A warming ground, increasing light, available moisture, and a medium to allow [...]