Clean Air = Clean Grow Room

If you are concerned about high yields and high quality, you are concerned about sanitation.  A factor most indoor gardeners forget about is air cleanliness.  With the right air filtration in enclosed chambers, grow rooms can stay clean.  Putting an organic air filter on the intake fan of your grow room will help reduce mold, dust, pollen, and insects from entering.  Air filtration is one of the many reasons why all indoor gardens should be enclosed and air tight.  These filters are put on the same way a carbon filter is put on to the exhaust portion of the grow room.  The filter is attached via clamps.  The clamps hold the ducting on the lip of the filter.  Try to find insulated or sound proof ducting to reduce the noise of air movement which can become quite annoying.  You can also get mufflers to reduce the noise of air flow.  The type of filter needed for a hydroponic system can be found at online hydroponics retailers or at your local hydro shop.   Keep your green thumbs up!


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